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So, Lookie that. I feel like I'm grown up Domme finally. First off, I look mean, which flies in the face of my typical Smile Seductivaly While Pinching you Till you Scream. Second, and I know a few of you are still speechless at the site of this, I'm wearing latex. Yup. Me. Latex. And you know what, I got it on, and wore it, and took it off WITHOUT RIPPING IT! I actually had to confirm the cleansing method with Tristan - the photographer. Cause you know what, when you rip your new outfit the first time you wear it, you don't have to clean it. The only other time I've worn Latex in the last two years was when I went out if Nova from Fetish Flame and Atticus dressed the two of us, polished us, hailed us a cab and cleaned everything up after we got home. Until I got this new dress, I figured that was the only way I would wear Latex again.

So how did I end up with such a wonderful dress after swearing latex off like so much high calorie desert? I recently did a non fetish photo-shoot for a Domina who is retiring from the public spotlight and as a thank you gift, she gave it to me. The first thing I thought when I saw the TINY little bag she handed me was much too small to be a dress. Perhaps a bikini. Once she pulled it out and assured me that it really was a dress, the next thing that I thought was that was going to be so sad to see such a pretty dress rip up the middle. Now that I have word in, cleaned it, hung it up to dry and it's STILL in one piece, I find that I need to have more, more, more!

I was going to go to Folsom dressed in a burlesque style corset, but now I'm thinking.... a little pussy dress or, something a little more regal. Or perhaps simply a latex cat suit. Hmm.. time to go shopping.

In other notes, I also did another shoot with Penny Barber last week. She is a naughty little thing and blushes so delightfully. Heh. We did a fun little shot in a bar in which I got to throw a poorly made martini in her face. Look for the photos to show up on Dark Play soon. We also shot some nudie erotic stuff for Sapphos Girls. Some of you will have permission to look at that, and some of you won't. ;-} Next week I'm going to be behind the camera for Serafinasox. Yes, I am doing a lot of fun stuff with the Cyber Dyke Network and even thinking about starting a site of my own. More about that later.

Anyway, off to lunch with sandra.