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After 3 fabulous years sharing The Vinyl Queens lovely space, I am moving on. The Vinyl Queen and I will of course still offer doubles at her space, if you think you can handle it, but the time has come for a change for me. Over the summer I was offered a space that I think suits my ever increasing interest in sissification and domestic play and after much though, have desided to move. The new space, Maison de la Maîtresse is located near the Castro and offers five fully themed and equipped rooms: The Grand Hallway is designed to transport you into a stunning home devoted to the exploration of BDSM. A turn-of-the-century bench sits across from the custom steel door of the imprisonment and isolation cell, providing a lovely view of your inescapable containment. The Predicament Parlor features full body flying suspension and custom made furniture that is equaled in beauty only by its devastating functionality. I designed the St. Andrew's cross and bondage table to cater to my love of intricate rope and leather bondage, and both pieces are as beautiful and strong as the woman who straps you down. Floggers, single tails, leather straps, sensory deprivation devices and a dizzying assortment of leather fetters are all displayed in a beautiful glass cabinet. The Pain & Worship Chamber has all the comforts of an elegant sitting room - for your Mistress, that is. The Chamber features a beautiful antique throne and kneeling area, rich draperies and gilded mirrors. Some of my favorite books are kept on the mantle of the fireplace, and I enjoy reading by its warm glow. A stainless steel locking cage, leather discipline horse, and four-point suspension sling all serve as implements of your undoing. I am especially proud of my Spiderweb; a gorgeous piece where your Mistress can weave you limb by limb into an intricate and inescapable web. Mother's Room is devoted to classic domestic discipline. This exquisite and versatile bedroom is the perfect place for scenarios that require a traditional setting free from any sort of dungeon apparatus. Over-the-knee spanking in the private room of Mother, Governess, or the Dean of Discipline; thorough examination in the suburban nurse's clinic; or gentle diapering and correction for adult babies in the exquisitely equipped nursery are all scenarios that play beautifully in Mother's Room. Don't let the soft colors and welcoming décor fool you: this room is wonderfully equipped with a stinging assortment of paddles, straps, canes, and hairbrushes. The Salon de Sade provides an intimate setting for your transformation from trousers and ties to something distinctly more feminine. Under the Salon's crystal chandelier you'll find leather corsetry, beautiful dresses, and a wide assortment of high heels, as well as a sexy assortment of thongs, tap panties, satin and lace bikinis, garter belts, stockings, push-up bras and silk slips. This romantic sitting room features an excellent library of kinky books, and functions as a bedroom for overnight guests. The Kitsch Kitchen is an homage to 1950s home life, when a hand in the cookie jar would land you in a heap of trouble. For naughty boys and girls who need a wooden spoon taken to their bottom, my kitchen is a playful place to misbehave! A lovely spot to take your morning tea or prepare a light meal for your Mistress, this kitchen offers kinky options for those who like to play in a "real-life" setting. Some of you more perceptive submissives will of course recognize this as Mistress Morgana's space and will understand my excitement at being asked to share her kinky home with her. It is truly a joy to play in and has inspired a whole new list of sadistic desires in my little black heart! One of those activities is adult baby play. While I have no interests in infantilism, or acting as the mother of an over sized two year old, I LOVE the idea and making my sissy cuckolded husband wear a diaper and drink from a bottle as a form of humiliation. Ahh.. just writing this up is making me want to play!