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I hope everyone is having a fabulous '007! So far, not so thrilled with it as all I've done is sneeze and sleep, but I'm certain it will change for the better soon because.... Once again I'm making my sacred pilgrimage to Vegas for my two favorite events! Damn I wish they would bring BonCon back to Vegas so I could call it my sacred pilgrimage to the Unholy Trinity, but I digress. I will be available for sessions from the 8th through the 13th - the 12th and the 13th being the best days for me. I suggest you make appointments in advance as I will be busy running amuck at CES and AEE, and you know how it is, once I'm enjoying the thrills of porn stars and electronics, it will be hard to get me away. Also - please note the COOL new banner for my blog created by Miss Suzie Skittish! If anyone else would like to create one, let me know and I'll give you the dimensions. Now... what to pack for Vegas. Whip, Leather, camera... Comfortable shoes... another whip... and a dildo. Done!