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Hello pets! Wow. March 1st. My how 2007 has flown by. The last week I've been sick, stuck in the house, canceling appointments (sorry!) watching waaaay too much Girl Next Door and playing with photoshop. Look! I made me into a painting! Bah! I hate being sick. Thankfully, I finally seem to be moving past that and back to my perky naughty self. Yah! I remember mentioning somewhere that I was missing my masochists and My! Oh! My! have they come out en mass to let me know they were also missing me! I want to thank them all for helping me fulfill that itching need to pull someone across my lap and give them a thurough spanking with my favorite hairbrush. And dangle them from the ceiling and whip, cane and flog them to my hearts content. And restrain them to my bondage table and hook them up to my favorite electrical toys and shock them to my hearts content. Ah! Makes me warm just thinking about it all! And strangely enough, it has not at all stopped that itch! In fact, it simply makes me happy to know that tomorrow, I will finally return to the dungeon for some foot worship and sissification and caning. Yummy! And how have you all been? Anything naughty to report? Also: Special Thank you to Suzie Skittish for the new header.  I think it is EVER so perfect!