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I'm officially on a kink bender. Since IMsL I've been playing loads, yet still craving more. I've kidnapped, caressed, whipped, pierced, smothered, dressed, created, caned, filled, stretched, smacked, bound, humiliated and spanked, yet still I'm craving more. One would think that a pro Domme, I would get bored with the scene, and perhaps I have in the past, but the classes last week, along with all the kinky energy seems to have rejuvenated me no end. It's like an itch I can't scratch no matter how hard I hit you, no matter how deep I penetrate you. Since I've been so busy I've just placed a few orders for fun new toys, which will in turn, make me crave more depraved fun with you. First, a custom died straight jacket created by an escape artist who knows every little trip you might use to get out. It's dyed to match the dungeon. You do want to be a good little accessory and match don't you! I've also ordered, also custom made, two 4 foot long spreader bars. I have no idea how I've gone so long without them! And I have no idea why so many of them are so short! I want to spread you WIDE! Then, not one, but TWO zentai suits. One, a black cat-woman one for myself (once again, HOW have I gone without this for so long?!), and a shiny pink one for my lucky sissy. I think that is it for now. At least that's all I want to tell you. Because I have been rather busy, advance booking is even more important then ever. In other news, last weekend I was at a fundraiser for The Clinton Foundation to see Bill Clinton speak. Gavin Newsom (and his hair) was there. Really, San Francisco has the most handsome mayor ever! Clinton was an amazing speaker. In the 15 minutes he was speaking I went from "Wow! He used to be President!" to realizing WHY he was President. He is an amazingly charismatic and motivating speaker. After his speech, he stepped off the front of the stage to shake hands with "the masses." The masses nearly crushed each other in the ensuing frey - people went nuts trying to just reach out and touch him or shake his hand. Someone actually passed out from the heat and crush of the crowd and security actually had to come break people up when the crowd was on the verge of becoming a crazed mob. Clinton didn't seem to miss a beat and continued shaking as many hands as he could smiling the whole time. There was no way I would have made it up to shake his hand, but simply enjoyed the atmosphere. Anyway... off to cause a problem somewhere.