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I'm off to London early tomorrow. I will be taking very few regulars devotees between Friday and Monday, and trying to do the whole vacation thing. Wish me luck. Life has been hectic and I could cerainly use it. I have quite a few appointments booked Tuesday the 15th through Friday the 18th, but still a few openings. Contact me soon if you are interested in serving me. Just a sampling of my schedule lately, today, up early to answer a major back log of email. Quick update to a friends web site. A few personal phone calls. Laundry (syndi? Where are you for this one? Finally 10am rolls around and I start receiving callers and disappointing a few who thought they could call last minute to serve me today. Silly, Silly Boys. Deal with latest house hold problem. Update new blog image (thanks to suzie - who now has her wings!) Gather a few key items for my last sessions today. Damn I need a stunt dick. Pack toys for sessions. Pack personal items. Pack for sessions. Do sessions. Finish shopping (naughty sandra having to work.) Baseball!! Woot! I just bought some AMAZING seats behind home on club level. I got to sit in them last night for that 9 run inning. Go Bengie! (sit bengie. Roll over bengie. Good dog. - yes I have puppies on the brain lately, and it's not just because of the recent dog and pony show. More on that when I return.) After the game I will come home, finish all the packing that I'm obviously putting off doing right now. I simply can not wait to sleep on the plane.