Over the Holidays I received this lovely letter from my bootbitch. I thought I would share. I'm seeing bootbitch in early January and will reward him for his 5 years under my boots. Perhaps I'll even let him see my new boots. The fabulous ones sissy sandra bought me for Spanksgiving. I think I'm developing a bigger boot fetish then ever and this winters styles are not helping! Miss Strange, Unbelievably, it has now been over five years since you first accepted me as a slave-pet. How comical and pathetic I must have been at that first meeting; a true novice, nervous and awkward. I still remember when you first permitted me to gaze upon you. You were breathtakingly beautiful, dressed in red and black leather with magnificent boots to match. I knew I had found my proper place as you had me kneel before your goddess-self. So many firsts that day: my insignificant cock and balls tied up and tormented; clips, whips, and flogging; tease and denial; other moments too overwhelming to mention. You were so masterful, so magnificent, so perfect. A true expert in your craft. Now, five years later, I have learned much and know how much more I have to go. You have let me worship your many wonderful boots, have used them to crush my pathetic member, have officially made me your boot bitch. I have experienced moments of exquisite torment and sublime humiliation, and have been stretched to the breaking point. You have left me breathless and my head spinning. Images of your radiant beauty, with your immaculate smooth skin and unbelievable curves have haunted my dreams. I cannot articulate how lucky I am to have found you as my owner. Of course, I realize my interests and experiences are much more tame than from your other slaves, and from your sissies and Pink Posse. But I hope you never doubt my devotion and will still have a place for your bootbitch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me in five years ago and continuing to let me worship you today. You have helped me reveal and develop my inner submissive, and recognize that women are the superior gender who must be obeyed and adored. It is my sincerest wish that my service as your slave-pet brings you some pleasure and my fervent hope you will keep me under your glorious boots. Your eternal bootbitch