I have decided that Adbrite/AvnAds sucks butt. All vanilla crap ads and after sullying my site with their code for a month, I made a whole dollar. Fuck 'em. So, AEBN is now my site sponser and they have been kind enough to give me a 15 minute free offer to pass on to you - as well as design and help me pick some interesting videos for you to watch from the comfort of your own computer. How nice of them! I posted their banner to the right. Go! Click on it! But remember, I'm not that nice. You get to watch those 15 minutes, but that is in NO WAY enough self abuse time for you to earn an orgasm! Get your free 15 minutes, abuse yourself, then buy more time and do it again. Every morning. Every night. Every time you get a moment to yourself. 15 minutes at a time. No more, not less. Use a timer if need be. But NO COMING! Drop me an email and let me know how many times you Brink and thank me for the experience. Don't expect me to write back until you've spend a good long time following this protocol. Like a month. Have Fun!! In other news, someone has complained that about my flickr images so my badges are temporarily down. I've written asking which pictures violated the terms of service, so I can fix it, but have not heard back as of yet. Hopefully soon!