You know who you are.

You feel weak at the site of stilettos and black stockings. You dream of being seduced by a busty Femme Fatale who wants to control and manipulate you, imprison you; sensually, physically, sadistically, fully.

You are not the person that others think you are. You are tired of pretending. You have humiliating thoughts that permeate¬†your mind. You have needs and desires that can’t be voiced. You need to escape. You need someone else to take control of those thoughts, those needs, those actions.¬†Others think you are happy and successful, but we both know you are needy, on the verge of¬†losing¬†control, and broken.

I will break you further, then rebuild you to my liking. I will own you. Mold you. Add you to my collection of perfectly perverted play things and devotees. My perveratti.

I’m not easy to please.¬†I’m not easy to impress.¬†But you are going to work hard to do both, Aren’t you.

You know WHAT you are. And so do I.

I look forward to teasing, tormenting and molding you into something more entertaining than that boring suited drone you are now. I know that beneath that suit beats the heart of a true deviant.