Hello pets, devotees, sissies and gawkers! I thought it was about high time for a little update on the life and times of Miss Strange. Things continue to be quite hectic for me for many reasons - most of them very good. I've been very busy in the dungeon, enjoying time with my regulars lately. I love the wonderful energy newbies (new either to the scene or to my dungeon) bring me, but lately have had so much going on at home, I've just not felt I have had the energy to properly suss out a new person. Nor, truthfully, have I had the patience for the hand-holding, multiple phone calls/emails/wild stories and the flakes that I must wade through to find the new true submissives and sissies. Thankfully, I have a stable full of long time regulars and this down time from new clients has given me time to more fully explore those nooks and crannies of their libidos that may have been over looked, or at least, taken me longer to get to, under normal circumstances. I think I've done more edge play in the last three months then in the previous year! It's amazing how far your can push someone when you know exactly what their motivations are... or of course, what their real fears are. Sometimes one might think they are really afraid of the cane, but when given the option of not seeing Mistress for a month, suddenly the cane is not such a bad deal! Or perhaps a needle or two? Do you know why electrical play is a hard limit? If you've never tried it - how do you know?! And really, if pleasing the Mistress is truly your goal, is your humiliation in front of the Girl Gang really a problem? I didn't think so! Halloween of course led to a couple people spending more time out and about in various degrees of "out" that they had never thought possible! I have also finished the hypnosis CD - just in time for XXXmas, and have found that it has been a very useful training tool! I've even enjoyed rigging it up to the Nova Pro for some VERY serious hypnosis training, and to the Eros Tek, to REALLY get my point across! :-> Right now, the only way to get it is to buy it from me in session, or by emailing me an amazon gift certificate, or sending a money order to my post office box. My printer just blew a gasket (too much hotness apparently!) so the full Husband Training Kit is not available right now, but you can purchase just the CD for $30. Hopefully I will replace the printer soon and once again get the Husband training kit, comic book and all, out to my adoring masses. 😉 Speaking of printers and what the Mistress needs, which, of course, you are always thinking about, I have added a new printer to my Amazon wish list, a well as some other decidedly non-kinky items. I have just bought my first house, a REAL achievement in the SF Bay Area, and have added many things that I will be needing as I settle into my new Eichler digs. Just in time for XXXmas! Miss Strange's Wish List I've bought a home that needs a little love before I move in, so I will be especially busy removing crown molding (in a mid-century modern home? What where they thinking??) and having some other remodeling done to bring my home up to my high level of aesthetic appeal. After all this madness is over, moving home, as well as my photo studio, I will again start accepting new clients. Realistically, this won't be until May or so. Until then, I will be accepting phone sessions through NiteFlirts and have set up my account to accept calls for a bit every weekday, generally between 11am and 6pm. Finally. Is there any interest in another 12 days of XXXmas tease? http://kittenwithawhip.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27 I'm only interested in doing this if I will have active participants. I hope everyone is having a lovely long holiday weekend!