Goodness, what a long strange trip it's been. I think both sandra and I had a very intense week. I have several pictures which I will be uploading today as I unpack, my favorite probably being her in her new "Barely Legal" tshirt. Does bring new meaning to the phrase! London was, as always a wonderful time. I spent more time in the studio enjoying the locals this time, so hopefully I'll be back soon. I must say, I was very happy to use my cane as much as I did! I think I could be happy using that each and every day. Also, stay tuned to my new leather outfit. It just rocks. I love it. I love the way it looks. I love the way it smells. I love the way it feels. I love the way I was able to curl up in my flat playing with a lovely little tease toy and send sandra out to fetch it. sandra was actually sent on many errands. Some she loved, some she hated. But this week was all about her finding out what it was like to be a true 24/7 slave for 9 days in all it's joys and heartaches. Is being dragged from bed to play when the Mistress wants to play as exciting as it sounds from the safety of your private fantasy? Is being told to go to bed when she really just burns to play fair? What about being told to dress fully and wait for hours, only to have The Mistress return to the flat with someone ELSE to play with. Having to sit in your panties in the other room listening to The Mistress giggle with only a dildo to comfort you. Having to get up in the morning and clean up Her Mess. What emotions does that dredge up? Does running to the store when told to, fetch what told really satisfy? Or getting up every morning to clean the flat in your skirt? Or what about being turned out from the flat, in full make up, but (mostly) mens clothing, with a short confession that must be signed by three strangers before you are allowed to return? I'm sure many myths where dispelled, and many, many truths exposed. And many asses caned. Yum.