While that's been fun, I have finally settled on a schedule, so you can at least have a little hint as to when you can catch me. It is a narrow window, but at least it's a window... ;-} Do be a good sissy and adjust your time accordingly. Drum roll please... I will be taking sessions on Wednesday afternoons between about 11 and about 6pm. I'm no longer interested in seeing BDSM tourists or sexual Lookieloo's, so I am only taking sessions with people I know, or people who can give me a good reason to see them. That doesn't mean they need to be a seasoned sub by any means, I love the sweet flesh of a nubile young novice, it does however mean, that you mean to show that you are sincere in your submission. Also, a note about sissy sandra's blog. I've had several people ask me about her, so I thought I would clear up any rumors or concerns. she is healthy and still in my service. W/we have chosen to make it private at this point because we are both wanting a little more anonymity, even as we traipse around downtown SF freaking the tourists out. W/we are indeed both still greatly enjoying each others company.