When contacting me, remember that first impressions are of paramount importance. I'm very busy and take very few new clients. To increase the likely hood that your inquiry will be read, returned, and eventually result in finding yourself at my feet, please take care to follow a couple simple rules.
  • Keep it short and simple. I'm not interested in hearing about your entire history in your first contact.
  • Let me know if you have seen a Professional Dominatrix in the past, and if so, who.
  • If you have seen a Professional Dominatrix, briefly let me know what activities you engaged in.
  • Include a time frame such as one particular day or week, Monday afternoons or Weekdays at lunch time.
  • Finally, what activities are you interested in?
If you are the kind of person who needs a little more direction from the get go, and many of you are, you can fill out this application for my attentions. My personal email address is [email protected]. Email sent to other addresses will not be answered. Currently, I do not have regular phone hours. If you would like to chat with me in person, email to request a phone interview. You can also try calling me through Niteflirts for a phone session. I am a VERY popular girl, so you need to plan ahead when attempting to book time with me. I take appointments up to a month in advance.