Thank You Robert Adler For The Fun New Photo!

Thank You Robert Adler For The Fun New Photo!

I’m often asked about distance training for my legion of sissies, and offer it when I can but usually I’m too busy to train more then one or two people at a time without cutting back the quality and entertainment value for all concerned. So, I have spent the last couple months mulling over ways to distance training submissives and make it fun and profitable for me, as well as rigorous for you, my devoted pet.

And I think I have something worked out!

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of technology and incorporating it into my training regime in new and unexpected ways. Remember my fun little type along stories? Or those Liquid Audio files?

I’ve never wanted to run a typical pay site, because while I am perfectly capable to creating that type of content, I want to do something with more mental stimulation. Plus, there are plenty of places on-line to gawk at sexy devious redheads. While I’m fine having you gawk at me, I’m an attractive women, I want to be able to reach through the screen and tweak you back in a way that typical downloads don’t allow. Plus – I’m not a huge fan of being in front of the camera. Occasionally, but certainly not every week.

I would get bored and about the third week in you would log in to see nothing of pictures of me looking out at your like:


And then after that… nothing. Just me wondering off leaving a photographer to come to terms with his newfound interest in sissification.

No one wants that, so I have been trying to figure out something to entertain myself as well as you.  I started offering my hypnosis recordings on NiteFlirt. Those are fun to mold your eager, pliable little mind from across the country, or even across the world! But I still want to take it further. So next month I will be introducing Chastity School. The goal of chastity school will be to give you one on one time with me as well as group instruction in a formal setting. The first several classes will be taught by me, but as soon as I have a better handle on the platform and structure, I will be hosting a variety of guest Mistresses to teach their specialties. Most classes will be aimed at sissies in chastity and those in need of intense orgasm direction and control.

If you are a Mistress who is interested, contact me directly and I will keep you up to date on developments and how you can bring your personal brand of education to a wider audience of interested submissives. If you are a submissive interested in Chastity School and how it can further your education, submission, and devotion to  Myself, and your Mistress, sign up for my newsletter.