Portland, Oregon

In Portland I play in a one of a kind Art Deco retreat in Sunnyside in the south east. It is perfect for domestic,  cross dressing, slut training and adult baby scenes. Its very easy to access via car or public transportation.

Boston, MA

In Boston I play in a discreet upscale hotel near the commons. As with all my travels, I travel with a full bag of tricks for not only cross dressers and adult babies, but bondage and electrical torment as well.

San Francisco Bay Area

I am available in well equipped spaces in both San Francisco and West Oakland. Each space has it’s own charms and allure.

San Francisco – Maison de la Maitresse

Maison de la Maitresse has been my home for many years. If you have seen me in San Francisco in the last nine years, this is where we played. It is owned and maintained by Mistress Morgana. It is a lush and versatile space that caters perfectly to my intense interest in sissification and domestic play. It has not only a well equipped dungeon space, but also incorporates softer spaces to play out domestic fantasies including a kitsch kitchen and mothers room.


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Maison de la Maitresse is easily accessible by public transportation and there is a parking garage two short blocks away.

West Oakland
The dungeon space in West Oakland is spacious, sleek and modern. It has a traditional dungeon feel complete with exposed concrete and bricks. It’s extremely well equipped for bondage and offers numerable options for restraining you in any position I desire. Executive+Dungeon

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The soft room in West Oakland, The Sissification Chambers is an intimate space where I can turn you into the sissy whore of my dreams. It also doubles as a nursery for my adult babies.


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The West Oakland space is situated at the foot of the Bay Bridge and while not easily accessible by public transportation, it is a quick taxi or Uber ride from downtown San Francisco. Parking is easily available.