Log on to Fetish Flame to hear me talk about one of my favorite topics! chastity! http://www.fetishflame.com Even though it's been quiet here, life has NOT been quiet for me.  I've been having a blast doing some really fun intense sessions - kidnapping and abduction, playing with my single-tail and my new cane, and seeing how far I can push random pets with one of my new electrical toys.  I've even done a few forced bi sessions, and of course, helping several sissies become the best cock sucking sissies they can be. I've also been doing a ton of photography - including some interesting gender bending shoots.  If you are interested in doing a makeup and photography session with me, let me know.  It always fun to document your inner slut. This weekend will bring even more fun as I will be attending Ms International Leather and taking a few classes to make sure my skills of evil are as sharp as ever.  http://www.imsl.org/.  I know I will see sandra there taking a service class from Miss Mercedes.  Anyone else attending?