Occasionally, for privacy reasons that I’m sure many of you can understand, my slaves like to forward something to me to post on their behalf, all identifying email addresses etc removed. This was forwarded to me from My boot bitch. I thought those who had been in this position would enjoy reminiscing, and those who haven’t, can cry on their keyboards.


Miss Strange


Oh how I recall that first meeting with Her glorious boots. Knee high, black leather, slightly worn, beautiful spike heels. How the tips of those boots flicked my insignificant member straining erect in my pants as I kneeled there in front of my new owner. It was my first experience as a slave, and those boots already knew what I did not yet. That I was Her eternal boot bitch, and would forever reside beneath Her heels.

With grace and compassion only a goddess like Her can possess, She has permitted me to worship Her boots ever since. My favorites, Her PVC thigh high boots with those incredible heels and platforms (7″, 8″, higher?). Her black thigh high boots tied along the back of Her perfect legs. So many more I have not yet seen. So many more yet to come.

How glorious it is to be Her boot bitch. To have my member crushed under Her boots; to suck on Her heels; to lick clean the tips and the soles of Her boots; to kiss them up the leg so that I almost, but never quite, get to kiss the soft, smooth skin of Her thighs. The knowledge that Her boots have trampled so many other cocks of unworthy slaves and that I am now licking their remains, their filth.

How glorious it is to be Her boot bitch. To hear the click-clack of Her boots when I stand, head down, at Her door, so anxious, so fearful of what awaits. To see Her boots as She drags me around the room, my pathetic plaything leashed and pulled forward. To smell Her boots as She commands me to suck Her strap-on, knowing it is everything my member is not.

Yes, I am Her boot bitch, secure in the knowledge that I will never be anything more to Her than that. I am but a disposable slave, a pet kept at Her pleasure to be used as She sees fit. And yet I can think of no greater place that under Her boots, the boots of the beautiful, graceful, brillant, intelligent, wicked, stunning, unrivalled Miss Natasha Strange.


boot bitch