Hello my pet! Welcome to your newest obsession!

I am an ethical and experienced professional dominatrix formerly based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I now offering sessions in a variety of cities including, San Francisco, Portland Oregon and Boston Massachusetts.  I enjoy domestic play of all types, emasculation, crossdressing, forced feminization, erotic humiliation, diaper dominance and all types of tease and denial including long term chastity and orgasm control. I also thrill at the idea of regressing my cuckolded husband to a state of diaper dependency. Because my interest in ABDL and diaper domination comes from my love of sissification and emasculation, while I love all my adult babies, my sissy babies hold a special place in my heart. The pinker, the frillier, the better.

I’m looking for sincere submissives and other curious explorers. While I  am well known for my love of sissification, emasculation and humiliation, I enjoy playing with all types of players and especially enjoy behavior modification through Spanking, Hypnosis, Punishment and Reward, Electrical Torment, Cock and Ball Torment.

I like to build relationships with my devotees via phone and email training to help intensify our time together.  This also helps me create a personalized all encompassing training regime for you. The first step in your training is filling out the application on my site. I also suggest you sign up for my newsletter so you can be among the first to know about any new travel plans or distance training options. There are several options to sign up for so you will only receive information that interests you.

I play with novices as well as experienced players, and people of all gender and sexual identifications. I’m more interested in a sincere connection with an open honest submissive, then a particular activity or scene. I also adore bad puns.

Gleeful Humiliatrix!

humiliatrix300I offer very purrsuasive correction for wayward sissies through panty training, crossdressing, hypnosis, erotic affirmation and sissy conditioning. I love to dress men in frilly pink frocks being taught to service a phallus with their eager hands, their greedy mouths and their hungry holes. Co-sissy training, as well as taking sissy out shopping are high on my list of favorite activities.[/fusion_text]

Irresistible Seductress!

keys300Long Term Chastity, Tease, Denial, Milking, Forced Brinking, Ruined Orgasms. Key Holding. These are a few of my favorite things. How long will you go without for me? Will you cry when I finally let you cum? But then ruin it? Or make you eat it? The sound of your desperate begging for permission to cum, and whimpering when I turn you down is one of the most erotic sounds I can think of. It’s simply delightful.

Manipulative Mommy!

Powder300My interest in adult babies stems from my interest in emasculation, cuckolding and humiliation. I am a mommy that likes to put my baby in compromising, and humiliating positions. Lovingly of course! One of my favorite role-play is diapering the cuckolded husband while talking in great detail about the hot date I’m going on that night while you are home in your diaper sucking your cock shaped pacifier.

I am a founding member of The Girl Gang, which offer group sessions to deserving submissives with a gang mentality. You must earn the ability to apply to serve The Girl Gang by proving yourself a worth while, trustworthy, and most importantly, and entertaining submissive. We are a group of women who are all top notch experienced players and very close friends.  These session are more for our entertainment then yours. They can also be quite intense. You have been warned. But I know you will aspire to serving us anyway.


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