I am an original member of THE one and only Girl Gang. This is a elite group of Dommes who offer group sessions as a reward to well behaved slaves. You can look at the site to understand more about dynamics, and who may be involved. We enjoy doing group scenes to see how far we can push a slave, and I’m delighted to say, it’s well passed what they thought they were capable of taking. We also thrive on the gang mentality that develops when four of us start applying each of our devious specialities all at once, to one lucky victim.

Of course, a few weak souls were not able to continue our games and had to use their safe word, but most have enjoyed the experience of a lifetime.

Every Mistress has her own criteria of what it takes to be able to apply for a Girl Gang session. My personal criteria are to be a submissive in good standing with at least four in person sessions. I want to show off a well trained slave. I also want to know you well enough that I can tell my fellow gang members exactly where your weak spots are, as well as any hard limits or physical limitations.

I firmly believe that being able to serve four amazing Mistresses is a reward for those who earn it.