Hello pets! I thought I would drop by for a little surprise inspection. Everyone got their panties in order? Good! A couple of updates. First, I'm in the process of updating my site. That progress was GREATLY hampered when I dropped my laptop doing very little damage to the outside, but apparently scrambling it's little brains. Yes. Just like with sandra. I'm very good at doing maximum damage while leaving not as much as a single welt. Had no idea that ability carried over to technology. The new site should debut in June, which is when I will be back. Unless the spit and duct tape holding my laptop together come apart. Then who knows when it will debut. Either way. I will be back in June. Not May. Why? Because I want to. This also means that I have over 3k emails to wade through. Much of it is spam or newsletters that will be deleted, but that runs the risk of your loving admirations being deleted as well. If it was important, send it again. Love and kisses to all your wives and girlfriends. I hope they are keeping you in line while I'm gone.