Hello all, I wanted to let you know that I home from my vacation in Portland (fuck I love that town) and back in the dungeon as scheduled.  I got back late and have been spending so much time in the dungeon that I accidently tried to open my actual front door with the keys to the dungeon. Oops. The new dungeon is working out superbly.  And yes, I am feeling very at home there.  I'm so happy to have a bathtub to do golden showers in, a freakin perfect kitchen and sitting room to do domestic scenes in, a jail cell(!!!!!) and well, the rope wall, and the 4 point sling and the ... well... let's just say there are lots of new equipment and locals to inspire some very fun, very hot, very eeeevil play. Woot! Please be patient with my schedule though. All the new excitement inspires new subbies and makes planning ahead even more important.