Since I give this rant at least twice a month, I figured I would write it down to save my breathe in the future. I answer the phone and the voice from the ether asks "Are you looking for a house boy?" Or, even more annoyingly, "I talked to you "x" days/weeks/months ago about being a houseboy and you told me to call you back." I've NO IDEA why you think that gives you some sort of in, perhaps it does with some Domina's, but I know, with every ounce of my being, that I did NOT tell you to call me back. That simply proves to me that you are starting our non existent relationship based on a lie. I have had the exact same rule about houseboys since I started as an Independent Domina years and years ago. And that rule is simple. After you get to know me as a client, you can approach me for houseboy duties. When you make that cold call, what do you think is going to happen? Am I going to tell some "dude" that I have never met, that I have NO references for, to come on over and clean my house while I stand over them in full regalia with a whip in my hand?? Do you really think I want to give my home or dungeon address to some stranger? Would I really want said stranger to have access to my personal items? Do my clients want that stranger cleaning toys that could transmit all kinds of lovely germs and viruses if not sterilized properly? I don't think that's the kind of responsibility I need to hand off to someone who's spent his afternoon off calling every Domina on Eros Guide. Yes. We talk. We know that you call us all. Then we save your number and don't answer anymore. I know. Perhaps you are thinking that it's just not fair. That my hourly rate is too high and that you don't make enough money to pay me what I'm worth. First, I have spend literally thousands of dollars on classes, costumes, and oh yes, equipment and everything needed to maintain and clean the equipment. Not to mention marketing and web hosting so that this mystery voice could even FIND my number. And here you are calling and offering to do something that I would pay someone I trusted and had references for, mainly, a maid, $15 - $20 an hour for. Soooo.... after you work for about 15 hours for me, you have finally "earned" enough to do a session. That means we will have spend about 16 hours together bringing me to my final issue with this mystery voice. How do I know that I'm going to enjoy spending that much time with you? I think if you really truly think service is your calling, you should start visiting me on a regular basis. Once we get to know each other you can approach me about being a house-pet. By that time, you should be well aware of my needs and how you can help me. sissy syndi is a perfect example. She knew I needed occasional help with my site, and offered it. She wrote a script for my site that she thought I could use and offered that to me then continued to grow into her position and gain my trust. sissy sandra did something similar. She would call before each session to see if I needed anything at the studio, soon it became expected. she has proven herself completely reliable and in the end, I claimed her as mine. Being a house boy/girl/sissy is NOT a glamorous job. You will NOT spend your days with me. You will NOT be called into sessions to act as a fluffer. You will NOT be massaging my naked body and serving me wine. You will NOT be punished for messing up. You will NOT be forced to rub my feet for hours on end, nor act as my foot stool. You will get to occasionally have lunch or some other social time with me, and once I know you, of course you will get special treatment, but I will need to know you VERY well, and trust you even more. It will take MANY visits to me in a professional setting before we reach that level of intimacy. In the past, every single time I have broken that rule, every single time I have accepted someone as a house-pet after only meeting once or twice, they have let me down. They have not been trustworthy. I've dealt with everything from not showing up and stealing, to using information they knew about me from being around me to spread lies and rumors to other clients. I know. You think you are different and would never let me down. But I'm simply no willing to take that risk anymore. If you want to be a house-pet, get to know me. I will not even entertain the notion on the phone with someone I've not met. And yes, that is a hard limit.