This year I think my favorite wasn't a toy, but the panel about how Sci Fi has effected technology. The panel consisted of Walt Mossburg, Lucy lawless, Neil Stephenson and Dean Kamen. It Rocked My World. And strangely enough, I think I was one of the only girls there. Funny That. I felt AEE was a little slow this year. It picked up on Friday and Saturday, but Wednesday and Thursday during trade hours where a bit slow. Or perhaps I'm just getting jaded as this was my 9th consecutive year. Only saw Ron Jeremy once. Nina Hartley - twice. Belladonna - a brief glimpse. I did repeatedly run into Justine Jolie though. I *heart* her. More after I nap. I'm also fighting that damn cold so it could be a bit before I get pictures up. This year there will be two sets of pictures - those I'm in, and those I took as Darling Propaganda.