Why yes, I would love to hold your key!

At any given time, I have no less then five keys to the chastity devices of random slaves. Some long term, some just a week or two. I adore holding your key. I love knowing you can't help but think of me every waking moment and that your frustrated, caged state will lead to dreams of me, and how much you adore me. But I have no interest in simply holding your key. I need to know that you are in a never ending state of frustration. Even if you are across the country, or across the world, I need to occasionally hear your frustration in your voice. Because of that, my key holding services is only available when scheduled with phone sessions and email training, or of course, live training. For my added pleasure, purchase the DreamLover ChronoVault so you don't need to worry about your keys getting lost in the mail, but I will still have full control over when you have access to them. Long Distance key holding services start at $500 for the first week and $250 perĀ each week after that. That includes two 30 minute phone calls the first week - and one each week after that, as well as daily email or text contact. I can also make a custom hypnosis recording to help you ease into your position as the newest member of my chastity stable. If you are a submissive who is lucky enough to see me in person on a regular basis, you are exempt from these fees.