After spending a long weekend in London getting over some nasty jeglag and exploring various galleries and such, I woke this morning, my first day of appointments only to find that others had gotten up early then I (not difficult) and left msgs cancelling their appointments. Such is London.  I think every single time I've come here I've had mass cancellations.  Makes me very happy to know that I have someone sponsering my trip and that I don't have to feel pressured to accept every offer that comes my way to cover expenses.  The ones I do have booked are my favorite activities and with people I feel a connection of some sort with - even if that connection is simply their eagerness to please. I do however feel pressure to spend more time in those galleries, as well as some time shopping for stockings at Harrod's, so I'm off! Must get home in time to watch a movie sitting on my little pleasure seat in those new stockings!