jane-fonda-as-barbarella-in-barbarella-1968 Welcome to Marcie Monday. Tales from a sensual female mind trapped in a slutty man's body. A tingling sensation danced across this sissy’s back, between her thighs and directly on her g-spot. my feet were cold, as blood driven by nervous energy was fast-rushing to my toes. It felt like tiny pin pricks were slicing through my soles and hitting the tile floor below. Specifically for the occasion, this sissy thought it would be cute to wear red and black crotchless panties. Now, this sissy’s legs were spread apart, and her giant clit and balls were exposed and dangling. On the inside, they felt hot and wanton. On the outside, they were cooling from exposure, yet still engorged, cum-filled and on the Brink of explosion at any moment. i saw Princessa when She entered the room. Her striking face, curvaceous body and tantalizingly Dominant fashion sense filled ALL of my senses, but sight was first. It’s that which started every other sense to become flooded with a super-submissive desire. my ability to hear focused on her lusciously painted red lips which, upon sight and sound caused the pores of my palms to release the feeling of the sweat of nervous passion. my nose twitched upon smelling the scent of Princessa’s coconut perfume, which, in being such a seductive scent, made my mind mad with lust, which caused my clit to slowly harden. When Princessa spoke, it caused the type of sensory overload that, had She not requested that i strip out of the four-inch stiletto heels, black fishnet thigh-high stockings and red, crotchless-panty matching bra i was wearing and get on my knees, i would’ve collapsed to the floor anyway. Her voice put everything over-the-top. The tension, excitement, fear and sensual energy of the moment was soothed by Her voice. All of this sissy’s senses flooded over with that aforementioned passion, any it really sent the combination of bright-eyed little girl wonder, teenage sluttiness, and very mature need to submit into overdrive. i immediately said “Yes Princessa,” and with every stitch of clothing removed, found myself feeling more open, wanting and accepting of Princessa’s desires. This sissy wanted to be hurt as much as she wanted to be fucked. The two are synonymous for her, as in having one’s body broken, it allows the man that exists to the world to be destroyed in appreciation of the woman inside. marcie can’t exist unless her male-ness is bruised, beaten and useless on the floor. Thus, feeling the heavy thud of floggers and paddles against her backside, clamps on her nipples, and her clit being roughly tied and teased like a child’s toy was amazing. Simultaneously, the fire boiling inside this sissy was destroying any shred of the man presented to the world. The euphoria about this caused a profound desire to cum, moreso than the desire to scream in pain. This jumble of emotion caused crying to ensue, this sissy’s mascara, blush, eyelashes and foundation now being salted by tears and washed away, sacrificed to the flames of submissive desire. Soon thereafter, Princessa’s thick, lubed, wet and nine-inch long black cock invaded this sissy’s ass-pussy. Princessa tenderly petted my straight strawberry blonde hair, as my red, tear stained lips hungrily sucked at her cock. i felt most decadently feminine while on my knees. my clit was as red as my once-clamped nipples, and this sissy was happily to be pleasing her Mistress-as-lover. Before i knew it, i was laying on a bed, legs over my head, and on the Brink of orgasm. Princessa demanded that i stroke my clit in time with Her cock fucking me as she slowly pressed it into my pussy. As it spread my hole wide and deep, She thrilled me to the Brink of orgasm, in a seemingly never-ending roller coaster ride of tantalizing pleasure. She then told me to rub my clit harder as She began to furiously fuck me. Almost immediately, i came, the milky spurts shooting from my clit making even more of a mess of my face than before. As i licked my lips clean, Princessa stared down at me. As tears again welled in the corners of this sissy’s eyes, i thanked Princessa for making me feel like the woman in me had been set free forever. About Marcie:
barbarella_31_by_farzelgaart-d57jcmo Hi. i'm marcie.i'm a gender queer pleasure doll with male parts, but a woman's intuition. In the future, i'm hoping to be Barbarella writhing in the Excessive Machine.