jane-fonda-as-barbarella-in-barbarella-1968 Welcome to Marcie Monday. Tales from a sensual female mind trapped in a slutty man's body. This sissy has always wanted to be a wild, beautiful woman that was broken, tamed and domesticated by a force far stronger than she could ever hope to become. In the practice of submitting to Princessa, this dream has come true. Pleased with my now naked and useless state, Princessa had just left me, laying in the fetal position on sweat-drenched sheets in a king sized poster bed. Lube slowly leaked from my slut-hole ass-pussy onto the tender underside of my owned and cum-filled balls. However, my wrists and arms were too sore to even think about feverishly stroking myself to orgasm after just being tied to the bedposts behind me while my legs were over my head and i was being fucked in the most tantalizingly slow and seductive manner possible. Princessa had told this sissy that she wasn’t allowed to cum tonight, so, i did as i was commanded. There’s still something incredibly tantalizing though to the man buried deep beneath the wig, lingerie, makeup and gender queer and lesbian-leaning status about staring at an engorged and erect nine-inch cock. The desire in my hands to rub that cock to a massive, foam-like and frothy orgasm was tingling harder than the blood rushing back to my hands. This sissy knew though that the cock she was staring at had been roused to attention by Princessa’s similarly massive cock stroking, prodding and pushing my g-spot for what felt like hours. But, for as significant as the desire to defy orders and release the tense feelings in my nether regions, the relief i felt in being able to experience my best sissified self because of the Princessa’s guidance and control over me prevailed. i watched my cock ever so slowly deflate, and burrow itself into and my swollen and cum-filled balls. As i felt my hands and arms come back to life, instead of stroking the cock that was Princessa’s property, they instead smeared mascara over my already mussed makeup, while wiping away the bittersweetly overjoyed tears streaming down my cheeks. When this sissy was three years old, all she ever wanted to do was wear her mother’s six-inch black stiletto party heels, and she’d awkwardly clip-clop around the apartment and fall flat on her ass every time. When she was thirteen, she stole smut books from libraries and bookstores, too embarrassed to take them out of the library and out herself as being more in love with wanting to be a wild, mature and sexually liberated woman than to fuck one. At sixteen, she discovered the internet, and saw a naked woman’s bare toes being sensuously sucked by a collared submissive male who then jerked off on the same feet and ate his own cum. That visual started a journey that for 25 years has seen each and every single perversion being unlocked to this sissy’s eyes becoming a dream she desperately needed to make come true. The latest as seeing a voluptuous Brazilian transsxual being sucked by a nubile slave girl with jet black hair who looked deep into the eyes of her ultra femme-leaning Mistress-Master while accepting all of her seed in her mouth on two separate occasions. This sissy wanted to be that girl, and had tried to eclipse what she saw 30 days prior this night with Princessa’s dildo as the target. As a sissy’s legs and arms began to relax from the earlier pleasure overload, the full body sting, throb and general joy-filled pain from being spanked, tied, teased, beaten, bruised, used and left on the Brink of something more rushed in. The tears didn’t stop either. Overall, it’s the emotional release that i crave. It’s the need to cry in the midst of the beauty of dreams. When the dream is to be a wild woman being tamed by a force far stronger than she could ever be, and this sissy is left with torn stockings, cock-smeared lipstick and a swollen asshole, everything feels complete. Wet mascara being wiped down my cheek by a hand not stroking a cock, but more concerned with comforting a lonely, happy tear? This sissy wants to cry forever. About Marcie:
barbarella_31_by_farzelgaart-d57jcmo Hi. i'm marcie.i'm a gender queer pleasure doll with male parts, but a woman's intuition. In the future, i'm hoping to be Barbarella writhing in the Excessive Machine.