I guess someone thought I was missing out, so sent me a little missive. He calls himself Philip Dabague and you could reach him at Hotmail if you were so inclined. Which I'm not. You are one sick puppy ! I guess people like u are the heavy price we have to pay for our liberty of expression .movement and thought. But if I were you I'd find a good therapist ,I know there are plenty here in SanFran. I am sure u must be in much more pain than the people who see u. But soon u will just go mad and most probably end up homeless.God help you. Ahhhh... how sweet. Someone who doesn't realize *I* am the therapist. Someone so tormented by his own fantasies that he has to lash out at others who dare to explore. Someone who doesn't know how to spell you. And worst of all... someone who refers to the great city of San Francisco as SanFran. I say we share a minute of silence for the poor soul.