After a crazy family intense summer, and an action packed, dungeon warming good time all Fall, I'm heading out for a much needed vacation from November 10th through the 28th. I am booking up Very Quickly for my remaining time, so if you are thinking about spending some time at my feet before December, you should contact me NOW! And for those of you who have been wondering what I've been up to... a quick update. I spent a good part of the summer out of town dealing with a family emergency. Everything is fine now. Thank you to all those who wished me well during those hard weeks and months. The summer left me stressed out and very behind in the dungeon - as well as in the photo studio. Last spring I finally opened my own studio and business has been splendid! What this means to you is that last minute appointments are becoming harder and harder to get, and planning ahead is becoming essential! For those of you who HAVE planned ahead I have been having a BLAST in the dungeon lately with a slew of new toys and slaves and a steady stream of multiple mistress scenes! There was a shopping expedition with Miss Penny, Myself and a Slave X which included a fun game of Torment the Slave until the Light Turns Green all the way back to the dungeon with our new sexy new panties. There have actually been several doubles with Miss Penny lately for several lucky slaves. She has been my assistant, co-Mistress, sweet to my sass and co-Strapon Rapist on numerable occasions lately. I've been involved in several Girl Gang Friday sessions over the last couple months. (And yes, I did take the photo - as well as star in it.) Group floggings, whippings, gang bangs, tickling and tease and denial... it's been delicious good fun. There is something completely heart warming about being a member of a group of Mistresses that warm bums so well together! I look forward to more of those sessions!! I've also got a new dogSlut, lost a boot slave, gathered several new sissy AND pain sluts, gathered new electrical toys, new leather and new girdles, done several couple training sessions, done a couple two sissy scenes, started a fun new blackmail relationship, started recording a new hypnosis CD, created a comic book that I STILL have to find a way to sell (Damn Visa) and started writing a syllabus for my husband training class, and of course, continued sissy sandra's training.... All while starting a thriving photography business. And that is the clift notes as to why my blog has been slightly neglected. Too Much Naughtiness to do! I look forward to coming back from vacation, rested and relaxed and jumping back into the frey.