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I've often had clients show up wearing naughty bits under their clothing as a surprise offering for me, nipples clamps, cock rings, and more often then not, panties and bras. But never, sadly, has one shown up in a chastity device without beign ordered to, or at the very least, mentioning it to me during our phone or email negotiation.

I'm happy to announce, that my new sissy doll, trashy trisha has fixed that travesty!

As I was stripping her of her male costume, and unvieling the cutest little panty set underneither, I noticed a large bulge in per panties. Unfortuantely unsightly bulges often arise in my day to day activities. But as I peeked down the front of my new dollies panties, I realized that this was not your typical unsightly bulge, but actually The Curve chastity Cage.

I nearly squeeled with joy, like a silly sissy, especially when she said she needed to get used to wearing it. I proceeded to dress her up and use her as a nasty little fuck toy, much as she deserved, all the while leaving her locked in her cage.

So fucking hot!