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The Pink Posse and I were walking by Ron Jeremy and his huge linebacker size security dudes and the even larger crowd of people waiting to get Ron's signature when syndi suggested I try to get a photo with him. I doupt it, I tell her motioning to the crowd, but I'll give it a try. I walk up to the other side of the table and nearly immediately have Ron's attention. He invites me over. I get a hug and he offers to sign my breast. Um.. ok. Just as I'm thinking, Oh, he so cute and furry, like a pet, he grabs my boob and bites it. So just a warning to the rest of you. Ron Jeremy Bites.

It was actually getting to be funny how often I saw him while I was there. I'm waiting to get my badge. There he is. Off to get lunch, there he is. Off to see more boobies, there he is again. I think he might have been stalking me.