Hello pets, Just a quick note to update you on the ever changing schedule of your Princessa! Appoligies to those who have been trying to catch up with me. Between my travel schedule, a nasty cold I caught last month and a sudden and very unexpected move, my schedule has been a bit over extended lately! I am leaving town first thing in the morning for a little Girls Trip to Dland. W00T! And sorry, position of Disney sissy has already been taken. 😉 I'll be back late Wed, just in time to attend an exclusive advance Electrical Play class taught by Uncle Abdul, author of Juice, Electricity for Pleasure and Pain. Should be a shocking good time!! I can NOT wait to experiment with my new knowledge on you all! And I already plan on seeing at least THREE electrical sluts soon after. Let THAT little bit of knowledge float around in your brains while you wait for our time together! And just so you know, I will not have access to email while I'm gone. I need some down time away from my lovely computer! Too much of a good thing and all. I'll be back in the dungeon on Friday the 10th, and taking sessions through the rest of the month, although because I was gone/sick so much of September, I'm already pretty booked up! If you are interested in booking, please contact me well in advance. As a reminder, I only take appointments on weekday afternoons between noon and 7pm. I'm not available at all on weekends. Currently, I'm only taking appointments with my regular clients, although if you are sincere and have references, I *may* allow you to plead your case for a spot at my perfectly manicured feet. Finally, an early heads up, I will be gone for the first week, as well as the last week of November.