Holy Shit what a year. It's only the 4th and I feel like I need a nap already. New Years Eve I nearly sliced my thumb off with my fabulous new craving knife. Not a side of myself I wanted to see, the inside. I refused to go to the emergency room for stitches because I hate the emergency room with a deep and burning passion. I cancel nearly all my sessions for this week. Two days later I find myself taking another friend to the emergency room. I guess I was destained to spend some time there like it or not. It sorta put me off medical play for the next couple weeks. Seems like everyone around me is having accidents. sandra threw her back out. My roommate was nearly electricuted investigating faulty wiring in my living room. Another friend was attacked my my bookshelf and ended up with a huge bruise. All this in less then 4 days. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the year. Makes me think maybe it's a good think I had to cancel all my appointments this week. Lord knows what horrible accidents could happen in the dungeon!! Although, it is making me wonder about my flight to Vegas. I don't generally have an issue with flying, but really, the precident for my year has been set and it's not a good one. Wish me luck! This trip always proves to have some bumps in it. Let's hope this year that they don't involve any more trips to the emergency room! Unless Belladona is the nurse!!