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The Personal Diary of Princessa Natasha Strange/

Distance Training For Sissies and Others In Need Of Orgasm Control

By |May 29th, 2016|

I'm often asked about distance training for my legion of sissies, and offer it when I can but usually I'm too busy to train more then one or two people at a time without cutting back the quality and entertainment value for all concerned. So, I have spent the last couple months mulling over ways to distance training submissives and make it [...]

Brinkers FanFic!

By |May 5th, 2016|

I keep having these wild fantasies when listening to the Brinkers story. I can see myself bound to this type of furniture, wrists and legs firmly secured, the cage over my clitty replace by the moist tube, a plug inserted into my hungry hole and a large realistic cock waiting to be sucked sits before me. It's moved forward to [...]

My Magic Elixir

By |May 4th, 2016|

Like Snow White with the Poisoned Apple, or Alice with her choice of potions, I offer you this. Do you drink it? Does it make you smaller? Or only shrink your already tiny dick. Does it put you to sleep, awaken only by your Prince Charming sliding his hard throbbing dick in your hungry mouth? Or does it make your body change, [...]

A San Francisco Recap

By |April 28th, 2016|

Home from my latest trip to San Francisco and this lands in my inbox. Someone obviously wants me to return soon! The trip went swimmingly. I did most of my play out of a very nice suite in a very nice hotel. It was lovely to be pampered like the Princess I am. It was also great fun to have a remote [...]

SF Bay Area April 20th – 23rd.

By |March 22nd, 2016|

I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area for a whirl wind trip in April, the 20th - 23rd! I will be offering sessions in Oakland as well as San Francisco just like old times. If you plan on seeing me, be a good little bitch and contact me for a stroke schedule so you can be in a proper [...]

Husband Training Through Hypnosis

By |March 18th, 2016|

I have always felt that hypnosis was a powerful tool when dealing with sissies. I love to have this sound track running in the background during live sessions and watch as their will melts and my sweet little cocksuckers become eager, pliable little toys. Once they are blank little cum hungry slates, comes time to mold them to my will. A little [...]

Sun Salutations for Sissy Sluts and Yoga for Submissives

By |March 16th, 2016|

Yoga For Submissives Hello my lovely cocksuckers! This is the beginning of a project that I have been working on for a while - Yoga for Submissives. Many of you ask, when we talk about goals for long term sub training, to have a fitness goal. I am a huge fan of yoga and what it can do for your body - [...]