Holy Crap I love this blog!! AND, it led me to this site – which I also like a whole lot. Really. A lot. Yummylicious.

I’m leaving for Japan in just over 24 hours and haven’t even begun to empty my suitcase from all the travel last month let alone begun to pack. Yet, I sit here looking at strange women in retro panties.

I’m seeing a mad dash in my near future.

Thanks goddess for sissy sandra and syndi or I wouldn’t even have new bras and panties and Benefit cosmetics to pack if I were to begin to pack. They fulfilled one of my wildest fantasies last week when we had a threesome.

At Victoria’s Secret.

Oh the unadulterated joy of watching my lovely little sissies run to the check out with my carefully selected naughty bits.

Not to be out done, today sandra took me to the Benefit counter, Sephora and Borders… had we made it to the Apple store I may have actually died of delight, but it was getting late and we needed to get back to the dungeon so I could milk sandra once last time before I leave for Japan. By the time I get back she will have gone some 70 odd days with out coming.

Until Further Notice…. I do hope your birthday present was worth it sandra.