It’s always good to keep Princessa happy!

I like to know I’m on your mind, even when you aren’t at my feet.The cost of your prezzy is not important, it truly is the thought that counts. I would prefer to receive something that makes me think fondly of you and our time together.

  • Amazon always has an up to date list of my latest every day whims and wishes.
  • My trusty ErosTek 232 finally died. I’ve had it repaired twice, but being that it’s well over ten years old, I think I would enjoy breaking in a new reliable one, rather then have it repaired again. Replaced! Thank you sissy cuck pay pansy stacy! AND thank you pet k for the Eros 302 remote controlled box! Oh the excitement of electrical play in public!
  • Toy wise – I have a burning desire to own my own humiliator gag set (Thank you pet k! I now own this!) I would love to own many of Scott Paul’s naughty designs, like the Magic One Way Blindfold and the Cruel Condom. Thank you pet k! Next up on my Scott Paul wish list would be the feather duster and the toilet brush attachments for the humiliator gag, as well as the Click, Secretary set. Thank you pet k!) The Click system looks perfect for my upcoming travel.
  • Gift certificates for Disneyland. I’ve done sessions there a couple times and I can definitely say – it is the happiest place on earth. (To be in chastity or a diaper.) I will be going several times this year with Miss Penny Barber, so these gift certificates make TWO of your favorite Mistresses happy at once.
  • I need my own Lucky Stars Leather Pacifier Gag. I’m pretty sure you need one too. (Thank you again pet k! I do love how you pay special attention to this page!
  • I have several dresses on order from Carol’s Apparels (Binkies and Bows), but I need more! They are my all time favorite AB dresses. Order one in your size and wear it for me when you visit. (Thank you pet sissy j for the three little piggies dress!)
  • I’m a prefer red wines over whites.
  • I often prefer a good rye or bourbon over wine.
  • My signature scent is Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanilla or Sugared Amber Dreams from Pacifica.
  • Please don’t kill anything on my account as I’m not a fan of fresh flowers.
  • If you are going to bring me truffles, may they be of the mushroom variety.
  • Spa gift certificates are always welcome!
Good boys who actually read my wish list are rewarded.

Good boys who actually read my wish list are rewarded.