Ahh! Happy Birthday sandra! I’ve boon out of town so much that I knew I wasn’t going to have time to fully celebrate sandra’s birthday as I would like, so I sent her to see a friend and her Mistress. sandra may finish the story if she would like to share. It involves some pretty naughty stuff though. And of course, even for her birthday, nothing comes without a price for dear sandra. I figured the perfect price for being able to have such an intimate afternoon with a real woman, would be to give up orgasms Until Further Notice.

Giving her a set date or time limit would give her something to look forward to. This way, I can grant her an orgasm tomorrow. Next week. Next month. For Christmas… as many of you know, especially those who enjoy the cane with me, I love anticipation. What a wonderful way to add anticipation to orgasm control. Whee!

So sandra, is the price worth it? Or .. I guess you won’t know that for a while. Hehheh!