OK, I know in the end he wins, he has the ball. But what the hell is wrong with this man. He says he's a Giants fan, yet he heads down to get a beer and a BBQ sandwich for the wife when Bonds is getting ready to bat. The only thing I can think is A.) he is not really a Giants fan. His wife is, and he's too manly to admit that he'd rather be watching ice skating. B.) Sun stroke. It was nearly 70, which for most San Franciscans can be lethal. C.) His wife is a Domme who was punishing him by not letting him watch Barry bat. I was there and I would have pissed myself rather then leave my seat with Barry up. The entire park was electric. Every time Barry came to bat the crowd would go nuts, and as soon as the pitcher let loose, the entire crowd would go silent. Have you ever been in a situation where 42,000 screaming people all fell silent at once? Repeatedly. That's just not something you get up and wander off from without being ordered to.