I can't believe July is over half way over! As I had announced at the beginning of the summer, I'm traveling a lot this summer, leaving the time I am home rather cramped with catching up and getting ready to leave again. This means I'm only seeing regular clients who can plan ahead! I'm also spending a lot of time in the photostudio lately. I was just hired by the Lusty Lady to shoot all their girls. Yum! Summer also seems to be the time of unannounced family visits. 😉 When I am next in the dungeon, I will have to take some pictures of my self, my slaves and my new toys! jack has gifted me with the metal chastity device - and sissy suzie skittish has gifted me with the wonderful 6(!!) point metal bondage toy! I'm VERY much looking forward to spending some quality time in the dungeon with both of them and will post pictures as soon as I do!! Back to editing pictures of HOT stripper girls!