I have to say that was one of the most fun filled Folsom Street Fairs ever. I had my picture taken at least a million times but that was NOTHING compared to how many times sandra had hers taken! She literally could not take two steps without someone stopping her to snap a few shots. The lovely (but rather butch) syndi took quite a few shots too so I'll post a couple as soon as she forwards them on. In addition to my two favorite sissies, I spent the day with Nova and Atticus from FetishFlame.com, but also got some quality time in with the lovelies Gina Grant and Selina Raven. I also got to know Domina Skye and her leather family from New York over a martini and a little mayhem towards the end of the day. Mistress Selina and I did a bit of slave trading and of course, leave it to me, Mistress Lucille Ball incarnate to find the one toy I really really loved at Folsom, her new lickable shiny fabulous red cane, and promptly break it over her slave. Oops. Sorry Miss Selina. Here's your slave and both peices of your cane back. I didn't get to see what she did to sandra, but... I didn't hear about anything getting broken. Rumor has it Gina Grant, the creator of the cane is going to make a new on for me - as well as Selina so don't worry - we're both still very well equipt! OK then. Off to veg on the couch in something soft and stretchy as watch Desperate Housewives as my number one slave rubs my feet. Yes. It's good to be me today.