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The day started off on the wrong foot. I really wanted to do yoga before I left for the shoot, but after being interupted repeatedly - phone, phone, doorbell, roommate, phone, I decided I'd better simply get my make-up on and head for the studio. Half way through my make-up, and 72 more interruptions later - phone, phone, neighbor, phone, IM, phone, doorbell, phone, phone, phone, I decided I'd best just head for the studio and finish my make-up there. I stack my make-up box by the door with my costuming bag, and grab my purse. My phone rings again. My roommate asks me another question about the upcoming holiday. My sister calls about crab. I toss my phone in my pocket, grab my purse and my costuming bag and run for the studio. Just short of 5 feet from the studio I realize that the nagging "I think I forgot something" feeling that has been gnawing at me all the way here is right. I left my make-up at home.

Hmm.. photoshoot... no make-up. Classic. Luckily I have donated a LOT of old make-up to the cross dressers room, and there is a Walgreens only a couple blocks from the studio. All was frustrated, but not lost.

After that, it was a great and fabulous day - aided of course by the highly caffeinated green tea I picked up on the way back from Walgreens. It's been a long long time since I've been in front of the camera for anyone (except occasionally miss syndi) and I'd forgotten how much goofy fun it can be. Might even want to do it again soon! We shot some great fetishy stuff - if your fetish is for 60's GoGo Girls, or Catherlic Schools Girls, or Evil Cheerleaders, or ... Panties. In a 5 hour, 7 outfit shoot, amazingly enough, I only wore one traditional fetish outfit - although I must say it was a hot one! It was, of course, a vintage fetish outfit complete with lined silk stockings, black flowing negligée and black leather corset.

I expect to hear at least one YUM! when that one is posted - as well as many - "Thanks You Tristan Crane" 's!